Monday, 27 January 2014

Initial Preparation

Alright guys so here are a few tips that you should follow to initially start your exercising skills:

-Prepare Yourself Mentally:

Before doing any workout, you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically. In that way you will be able to perform the best.

-Set Up a specific workout time:

Set up a time for the exercise and always be ready when that time strikes. And remember , no excuses. The preferable time for any workout is early morning at dawn.

-Set up your goals:
Remember, without any goals set, you'll not be able to flourish your workout. Make goals and follow them precisely.

-Set up a Nutrition plan:
It is always better if you follow the right diet and a healthy food plan. It will help to keep your body maintained and prevent diseases. Try not to eat fats a lot or junk food. Concentrate more on lean proteins and Carbohydrate foods and different fibers.

-Sleep Well:

It is important if you sleep early at night and wake up early morning, This keeps you refreshed for long, physically and mentally as well. Take at least 7 hours of sleep.

-Never Give up:
I know it does feel like a labour to do. But believe me, if you give everything you have for that moment when you are in stress, you'll succeed no matter what happens. Just believe it and continue exercising.

If you practice the above mentioned instructions, your life will be healthy.

P.s. Remember just 'one muscle' day . For example when you are going for biceps and triceps, just go for all the biceps and triceps exercises the whole time. When you go for bench press, concentrate on all the chest exercises that day.